Vision & Mission


To impart formal education through modern techniques, develop the ultimate professionals, make out entrepreneurs of the talented graduates, ensure physical and mental health, create awareness about the welfare of public in every mind, make community free from poverty and economically grown.


Education is the cry of the day but proper education and proper implementation is the requirement of current competitive ERA. It’s a factum that literacy rate is increasing day by day. While the employment ratio is decreasing day by day. To deeply observed the causes and effects of our conventional system of education and made mechanism to deliver the competitive knowledge on academic/technical level. To reduce unemployment by motivating youth to transfer them into entrepreneurs by facilitating them to prepare from our research so as to expose them to the new market trends demands, duties and leadership abilities.

To counsel student by understanding individual’s personality type and field of interest that builds actual performance abilities of that individuals. To facilitate in children’s physical to mental health care needs and health advocacy campaign for parents. Edu-Curator Foundation brings revolutionary changes in the Pakistani educational system by equipping modern educational techniques to teachers, educationalists and educational institutions.

Edu-Curator Foundation will organize;

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  • We live in an age in which natural resources have diminishing importance. Knowledge has become the single most important factor for socio-economic development.